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Jessica Trash
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it's not that i can't find worth in anything
it's just that i can't find worth in enough


I'm the girl the weirdo on the bus always talks to.
Repeat Fanzine Writing journal

My emergency contact information is in my first post, set to private. Here's why.
afrirampo, allen ginsberg, anarchism, andrea dworkin, androgyny, anime, anti-ana, anti-capitalism, anti-lots of things, antique bakery, apostrophes, bedroom dancing, being disorganised, being pissed off, being quiet, bis, blokes in dresses, bubble tea, bush tetras, caradoc evans, cardiff, cats, charity shops, climbing over things, coffee, compilation tapes, daisy chainsaw, dinosaurs, doctor who, dodgy fanfiction, drinking in the afternoon, drunk granny, eating fruit, emma goldman, emo cats, fangirling simon amstell, farewell my concubine, feminist ranting, frida kahlo, giant drag, goth macarena, green things, greil marcus, gwyn thomas, h. p. lovecraft, hating the nme, helen love, help she can't swim, hole, hélène cixous, inquo, inventive swearing, jack daniels, jack off jill, jenefer shute, johnny panic, julia kristeva, kenickie, kickboxing, king adora, kitsch, kurosagi corpse delivery service, ladyfest, london, look! look! (dancing boys), loveless, luce irigaray, lush, manchester, manga, manic street preachers, menthols, motown junk food, my caffeine addiction, new order, niall griffiths, nicky wire's thighs, noodles, not decaf, notebooks, nursing hangovers, odd socks, one minute silence, parks, patrick jones, patti smith, pet shop of horrors, pies, placebo, playing out-of-tune guitar, poking people with sticks, popbitch, popworld, post-punk, postcards, pre-raphaelite brotherhood, pretty ladies, pretty men, proper chips, punk, queen adreena, rachel stamp, rachel trezise, radiohead, rage, reading in cafes, repeat fanzine, richard thompson, riot grrrl, san francisco, sexual politics, shampoo, shonen knife, singing, slagging off coldplay, sleeping, small-town hell, star wars, summer rain, sunglasses, super furry animals, surferosa, sylvia plath, tack, tea, the beat generation, the butchies, the crimea, the dresden dolls, the high society, the nme crossword, the research, the spice girls, the word "cunt", tj's, towers of london, train wreck syndrome, tura satana, underwear as outerwear, vegan cooking, velvet goldmine, vodka, waiting-for-pete-doherty-to-die, welsh literature in english, what would cthulhu do?, x-ray spex, yaoi, yuri, zombie cuntfucker!, zooport

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